Apple negotiating to buy Napster-owner Roxio?

“Reliable sources have informed us that Apple Computer is negotiating to buy Roxio. Recent erratic stock activity confirms this information with very high volume trading over the last few weeks. It’s no secret that Apple is trying to make inroads to the PC market, and buying Roxio, a company that caters predominantly to PCs will help them do just that. Roxio, Inc. provides the best selling digital media software for Windows in the world,” reports.

“Apple’s recent introduction of iTunes Music Service coincides with this buyout since Roxio bought the rights to Napster’s name and technology at a bankruptcy auction last year for just over $5 million. The CD-burning software maker has since bought Pressplay, a struggling online music service launched by (ring a bell?) Vivendi Universal and Sony Corp. for about $39.5 million in cash and stock,” reports

Full article here.


  1. Other than their CD/DVD burning technology Roxio offers nothing. Anybody that thinks anything else put out by Roxio has anything on the products that Apple already produces to in the same arena are high on crack.

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