“So what can you get for a buck these days, besides an overpriced 1-800 phone call? How about a crystal-clear, no-questions-asked copy of “Main Offender” by the Hives? Or “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. Or “Hotel California” by the Eagles,” writes Michael Booth, Entertainment Writer for The Denver Post. “When music lovers click on the “Buy” button these days, another Apple Corp. software engineer earns his wings and 99 cents. The new Apple downloading service – cheap, legal and nearly impossible to misunderstand – is selling millions of singles a week at just under a buck a pop. And righteously so.”

Booth continues, “The Apple approach is brilliantly simple and bound to make the underappreciated computer company a major powerhouse in the music business, while quickly transforming the entire industry. Apple’s iTunes Music Store concept, only three weeks old, may teach a beleaguered entertainment world how to untie the knot in its aging panties and remember how to have fun while making money. The only major caveat right now is that you need to have an Apple computer. The company promises to have a version of Music Store ready to run on the great majority of Windows-based computers by the end of the year. Buy your Apple stock before then, because sometimes after the New Year, this thing is going wild.”

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