SDIsland DV to SDI converter introduced announced today that the SDIsland DV to SDI converter with separate AES/EBU audio will be available as a self-assembly kit on or about July 4th. The SDIsland converts DV over 1394 to SDI with separate AES/EBU audio. The device features both 6-pin and 4-pin 1394 inputs, dual SDI outputs, 1394 bus power and a portable DC power adapter inputs.

Customers assembling this simple enclosure kit themselves can save hundreds of dollars off the suggested retail price. The SDIsland PC board, a simple chassis for the PCB, front and back connection panels, top and bottom covers, power adapter, flat-head screws and adhesive feet comprise the entire kit. In less than ten minutes, virtually any user can have a complete, high tech looking, high performance DV over 1394 to SDI converter with extracted, re-clocked, re-synched AES/EBU audio.

The SDIsland Enclosure Kit price is $795.

For those users who sign up between now and the end of May for the initial production run of these clear hard anodized aluminum enclosures, an additional $50 discount will be applied.

More information here.

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