Freeware Playlist Doodad controls iTunes from the System Bar

An enhancement to iTunes, Playlist Doodad lets you view and switch to any of your iTunes playlists without bringing iTunes into the foreground. Once launched, you can interact with Playlist Doodad from any application at any time.

Once launched, Playlist Doodad installs itself as a tiny icon in the System Bar (up there next to your clock). Features include preferences to show/hide your Library, Smart Playlists, and User Playlists. You can also tell Playlist Doodad to auto-update the playlist information by polling iTunes periodically for changes. If iTunes is not currently running when Playlist Doodad is launched, then it will automatically launch iTunes (this is required to listen to your music).

More info and download link here.


  1. SYNERGY is a shareware app that does playlists and a whole lot more: floating info overlay, album artwork, hotkey control, etc! It’s a must-have for anyone who uses iTunes regularly

  2. Anyone know of an app that would let me control iTunes from one computer on a network but play on another? Not like what iTunes 4 lets you do, I want it to play on my iMac (where my good speakers are connected) but control it from my TiBook so it dosn’t require any CPU while I’m doing other things.

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