Mac users should strive to be Microsoft-free

SteveJack explains why he believes Mac users shouldn’t buy Microsoft software (or hardware) in the MacDailyNews Opinion section today:

“I want to talk to you about buying Microsoft software. My point is simple: don’t do it.”

Full article here.


  1. Apple is so cool they use Bono in their ads! Now that is cool! Cooler still, that “great” film Legally Blonde used pink i-books!! Wow! I guess media people are the only people who use Macs. Normal people just wear them in the rain.

  2. As long as MSN and Office works OK, it’s fine for me. 95% is using Office, I don’t want to convert all files always… even if Apple Works works fine (as in fact it does)

  3. Sure Jackoff – I guess you don’t use your Mac(s) in a corporate world now do ya?
    I’d love to pull, the M$ stuff off of every Mac, but the fact is, the US government HOSED us all when they let them get away with the monopoly they hold over PC users.
    If you’re in a corporate environment, you’re stuck.
    Use a little thought before posting this kind of stupidity.

  4. MacMac,

    Feel free to choose to continue making a twice convicted monopolist EVEN richer than they are. If that’s what’s most CONVENIENT for you. By all means.

    Some have choosen other ways ‘to get work done’.

  5. Drop the price on the Logitech MX700 and I’ll consider geting rid of my Microsoft Intellimouse. Until then I’m stuck as no other mouse is an “obvious” better choice.

  6. 1. Users stop buying MS software.
    2. Microsoft stops developing software for Mac (Office)
    3. Macintosh becomes even more marginalized
    4. Apple loses more market share

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