Microsoft releases MSN for Mac OS X

Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit on Thursday will release MSN for Mac OS X.

“MSN for Mac


  1. Hey Alan – it clearly says “MacDailyNews Take” and is not part of the article – it is commentary – and that’s why I LOVE THIS SITE. No credibility issue at all. You use MSN on your Mac, huh?

    About MDN not giving the link to MSN for Mac OS X – I think it’s funny and anyone who really cares can go find it themselves.

    B R A V O, MacDailyNews, B R A V O ! ! !

  2. Multiple choice:

    Alan Cohain:
    1. Works for Microsoft.
    2. Uses MSN on a Mac.
    3. Profits from Microsoft somehow.
    4. Has a stick up his ass.
    5. All of the above.

  3. Microsoft: “an ethically-challenged company bent on copying Apple’s innovations while illegally leveraging their monopoly to erect artificial proprietary roadblocks designed to keep Macintosh market share in single digits.”

    Has a truer staement ever been written?

  4. All of this “you must embrace Microsoft” crap from Apple, Jobs, and the majority of the Mac press (not here) is getting tired. Screw Microsoft. The day I sign up for MSN on my PowerBook is the day you pry my one-button mouse out of my cold, dead hand.

  5. I like MSN for Mac OS X. Flame me if you must (OK, I left out my email) but I like this very much.

    It’s the coolest thing since I had all my gold jewelry tin-plated!

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  6. Back in the dark ages (1996-98)when I did Win95 support for Keane, we had to also support the new MSN. The cdroms were carpet bombed out aol-style to unsuspecting users. They were black. They became known to us as the Black Death cdroms, because we got swamped with calls from irate users who had had their feeble Win95 systems utterly hosed by the execrable MSN installer software. Just wanted to share that. Ever since that hellish job, I’ve been a devoted Mac user.

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