Apple updates Safari Public Beta 2 to v74

Apple has released a new version of Safari Public Beta 2 via the Software Update Pane of System Preferences in Mac OS X. The new version is 1.0 Beta 2 (v74): “This update is recommended for all Safari users and improves how Safari validates the authenticity of Web sites that use SSL certificates. Safari Public Beta 2 features tabbed browsing, autofill forms & passwords, privacy “reset,” import of Netscape and Mozilla bookmarks, increased standards compatibility, improved AppleScript support, and localized language support for English, Japanese, French and German.”

In addition to Software Update, Apple has posted the new version on their site here.

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  1. v74 has added a couple of new twists to the internet
    “The Application Safari Has Quit”
    The spinning beachball of death (Force-Quit)
    This did not happen with the previous version. Anybody else have the same problems?

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