iView Media Pro updated; supports over 120 file formats

iView MediaPro is an application for home-users, hobbyist, digital camera users and creative professionals alike. It supports more than 120 image, video, sound, text and font files formats.

Beginners can use iView to import directly from a digital camera, calibrate images, automatically generate websites, movies, presentations, contact sheets, high quality prints, or simply to back up or burn media.

Create small, portable catalogues with previews and annotations that can be browsed and searched even when the originals are no longer mounted or on a removable volume.

Advanced users can incorporate iView into their workflow, to organize, annotate, convert and repurpose media, as well as automate tasks via AppleScript. Create a slideshow with up to 16 images or movies running at the same time, with background sounds, global or individual transitions and time setting.

More info and demo download link here.

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