Associated Press reporter fed up with Windows XP

“The day before this was written, Windows XP whined in its lower right-hand dialogue bubble that critical updates were available, and could we please get with the program,” writes Associated Press reporter, Larry Blasko.

Blasko continues, “Since Sept. 19, 2000, the computer that this is being written on updated its operating system 113 times. If, instead of an operating system, it were a car that had been recalled 113 times, the Justice Department would be doing a dance on the manufacturer’s head while Ralph Nader chewed on its ankle. But because it is software, a lot of hours have been meekly devoted to fixing mistakes that shouldn’t have been sold in the first place. Worse, of the 113 updates, 30 are described by Microsoft as ‘failed.’ Which means that about one out of four attempts to fix what shouldn’t need fixing have flaws themselves. Or maybe it’s just that Microsoft didn’t detect the proper degree of submissiveness in the end user. An examination of the updates shows updates that undo mischief caused by previous updates, kind of like a second surgery to fetch the instruments left inside you by mistake the first time.”

Blasko goes on and on, obviously fed up with his situation, asking, “Why should we spend our time fixing Microsoft’s messes?” It’s too bad Blasko doesn’t make the next logical leap. Perhaps a “switch” might be in order here?

Read about Blasko’s travails with the Windows “eXPerience” here.


  1. I host web sites. I bet I spend $50-$100.00 per month on toll-free telephone support with my customers who have Windows problems. Customers often call and are upset that their email will not work… often threatening to change hosting companies.. only to eventually discover that the problem is not the web site or email services, but with Windows, Outlook and/or Norton Virus scanning mail in Outlook.

    I wish I could send Bill Gates a bill every time. I don’t even use Windows but I have to pay for its problems.

  2. What else is new? By the way, I see M$ is going to adopt an open GL graphics system on Longhorn. I always say to the blind wandering in Wintel land, “To see the Windows of 3 years from now, look at the Mac of today”.

  3. I just saw on M$NBC that yet another Wintel virus is making the rounds. Mr Blasko will have to download, install and reboot yet another time. I wonder if Wintel users can get repetitive-motion injuries from all the restarts/reboots…

  4. Let us not forget the numerous updates we’ve already had to OS 10.2 since it’s release. One, of which, killed my new 12″ Powerbooks battery.

    I’ve completely crashed OS 10.2 more times than I’ve crashed XP. XP is not perfect, and neither is OS 10.2. For every failing of XP, one can find a failing with OS 10.2.

    I happily use OS 10.2, Windows XP, and Linux with Gnome. The best computer and OS is the one that does what you need. But, since this ONLY a matter of opinion, there is no right or wrong. Just like faith, arguing with opinion is a fools errand.

  5. John Tock, Mac OS X has not had 113 system updates. Get you head examined, it’s not even close. And Apple’s updates generally IMPROVE the OS, not break other parts requiring patches ad infinitum.

    My XP box at work crashes 3 times per week on average. My Mac OS X box at home doing CAD, Video editing, and more has crashed five times in the past two years.

  6. Dude, see “fools errand”.
    Explain to my why my Powerbook crashes more than my IBM T23? Explain to me why a recent update to OS 10.2 killed my Powerbook and I had to send it to Apple to get mended?

    (note: Just downloaded Quicktime 6.2, and now it tells me I have to reboot. Ugh)

  7. And most of these OS X complaints stem from those that don’t know how to maintain a system properly – yes, you DO need to know something about the OS and how to run it…

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