Microsoft places Windows XP in the toilet

Coming to a bowl near you: “Surfing on the loo” with Internet access at portable toilets.

The iLoo being developed by the MSN division of Microsoft Corp. in Britain is a standard portable toilet – a loo to the English – with a wireless keyboard and extending, height-adjustable plasma screen in front of the seat. MSN officials say they’re negotiating for the manufacture of toilet paper imprinted with Web addresses that users may not have tried. There would also be a waterproof keyboard and plasma screen on the outside for those waiting in line.

MSNBC reports, “From the outside, the iLoo is little different from other portable toilets. But inside, Microsoft serves up accouterments that might rival some iLoo users’ home PC setups. A Windows XP-powered computer resides under the sink with connection to 6-channel surround audio. A flat-screen plasma display swivels out from the side of the http://WWW.C, and a waterproof wireless keyboard can be placed on the lap for comfort. The iLoo is equipped with 802.11b wireless networking for providing broadband Internet access. The toilet uses vacuum suction to dispose of waste.”

No word on whether the Blue Screen of Death will come in a special tint of “Ty-D-Bowl Blue.”

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  1. Windows or the toilet… which one most smells like sh**? Not the most pleasant place to do your surfing. And, do you really want to touch that keyboard?

    Just how much time do Brits spend in the loo?

  2. Apple introduces 17″ laptops, high speed Fireire, slimmer, revolutionary iPods, and a succesful online music store.

    Microsoft gives us this piece of crap.

    I see no real benefit to this. What can this do that my internet cell phone can’t? I doubt I’d want to sit in a smelly public port-a-potty to listen to streaming music in surround sound. And who’s going to stop those that DO want to do just that and possibly make use of free high speed porn from hogging the john?

  3. I can barely hold my breath long enough to take a leak in one of those things let alone wait for the full ctrl-alt-del restart you’ll have to do at least once per “user.”

  4. What a waste of time, I don’t know who is more stupid, the guy that came up with this idea or the brainless people that decided to build it.

    BTW, “And, do you really want to touch that keyboard?” also was the first thing that I thought.

    Toilet paper printed with funny jokes is one thing, but this is just STUPID.

  5. what a stupid idea,

    Would u want to touch that key bord, and anyway the crapper is for well, doing your business, not surfing the web. Lets keep the dunnies the way that they are supposed to be.

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