Apple shipping redesigned keyboards and mice with new eMacs

Apple’s new eMac line includes a new Apple Keyboard with slightly more sloped look from the side and new plastics plus a centralized USB hub as opposed to both ends on the old Apple Keyboards. The eMac also ships with a new Apple Mouse, though the changes / specs, if any, are not noted. No word yet, about whether the new input devices will be shipping with the iMac or the Power Macintosh machines.

See the new keyboard and mouse here.

(Thanks, Nagromme. Updated 5/7, 7:53 AM EDT)


  1. These are called Apple Keyboard and Apple Mouse, without the “Pro.” Speculation is that these are new LOW-end peripherals, not intended to be an advance (but probably cheaper to produce). So… is a truly enhanced Pro version of both keyboard and mouse coming in the future?

    FYI, the new keyboard has one more key… the F keys supposedly now go to F16. The dimensions are also smaller–in width and depth–EVEN if you count the mouse plug that now attaches to the rear instead of the side. Same key size, just a more compact case (with a permanent, non-adjustable tilt).

  2. Where’s the bluetooth for use with my shiny new Powerbook?

    Also, Someone please explain why there continues to be no “DEL” (forward delete) on any Apple product. This is the one above the inverted T arrows on standard PC keyboards. This key is important in the functionality of many cross-platform apps, particularly those running in VPC.

    It is sad that I have to use a DELL USB keyboard with my Mac. Also frightening that the “wavy windows logo key” automatically maps to the “apple/command” key.

  3. Doesn’t it seem like Apple has built RSI right into the new design? Why in the world would you want to be forced into bending your wrists up?

    And all recent Apple keyboards have a forward delete key.

    My 2�

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