Autodesk requests AutoCAD for OS X feedback

Nick dePlume, Publisher and Editor in Chief of asks, “Will Autodesk Inc. develop its industry-standard AutoCAD software for Mac OS X?”

“‘I can tell you we’re talking to all the major players at the high end of the CAD, mCAD, engineering CAD about bringing their apps to OS X,’ said Richard Kerris, Apple’s Senior Director of Developer Technologies, in a January CNET interview, fueling speculation. Sources say that Apple Developer Relations has indeed been pressuring Autodesk to pursue such a release,” according to ThinkSecret.

DePlume reports, “While no solid information suggests that an OS X version of AutoCAD is being developed, Autodesk is open to the possibility, and is exploring its options. ‘At Autodesk, we are always interested in the latest complementary hardware technology our customers are investing in,’ said a spokesperson. ‘While we are not currently pursuing a port of AutoCAD to the Apple OS X operating system, the AutoCAD Product Manager is interested in hearing from customers who are requesting this.'”

The company spokesperson said that readers can email Eric Stover, AutoCAD’s product manager, at with the subject “AutoCAD for OS X”.

AutoCAD 2004 is one of the industry’s most popular drafting and design software products. It currently supports Windows only.


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