Robert Leitner examines Apple market share woes

In our Opinion Section today, Robert J. Leitner examines Apple’s market share woes.

“Identifying the cause for Apple’s ever-shrinking market share, now hovering around 2%, has been a favorite pastime of the Mac community. The usual suspects include Microsoft’s de facto monopoly, Apple-‘s proprietary architecture, a dearth of popular software, exorbitant prices, and the perception of “slow” Apple machines,” Leitner writes.


  1. The Apple machines tout there graphic benchmarks but for everday use ie loading web brousers, email programs even Apple own programs they are very slow compared to other machines. Until Apple builds comparable load times machines most people will not buy Apple. Can you blame them

  2. What nonsense. My G4 Powerbook has used OS X for more than 18 months. It has never been off, the system has never crashed. Has anyone with a Windows computer had the same experience? Is the UNIX kernal that builds the Mac system more likely to work into compatability with other uses or not?

  3. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.

    Cite specifics. For example, Safari is the fastest loading browser on this platform. Seriously, are you trying to say that your machine (I assume it’s Windows) can load IE (or Netscape) faster than those Macs made at the same time as your machine was made? With the same amount of RAM and whatnot in the two systems in question?

    See for Safari’s benchmarks.

    I really don’t think Macs are slow as they once were. I really think you are mistaken.

    And that has been the perception that Apple has been trying to knock down for the last couple years.

    The past is very different than the future, Kevin.

  4. What is important is the present and present perception.
    It’s a fact that current Apple hardware is slower. (for the record I prefer this slower hardware cuz it works moderately better and looks much better). BUT… it IS slower.
    I have both macs and PCs and even the older 1.5ghz P4s are faster than my dual macs. Things will not Change at Apple unless its customer base stop acting like fanatics and acknowledge there are problems. The Emperor has a SLOW system bus.

  5. and for the record, I also do not think the speed gap is to blame for Apple’s declining market share. 2% is a result of Apple’s history… early 90s.. ignoring business users and making home computers too expensive for the average user. Even though Apple has begun to address these problems, there is a momentum away from the mac which is hard to slow. “everyone I know has a PCee so I’m gonna git me one too”. Fingers are crossed for xServe, OS X… lower cost models like the Emac and the 970 whenever it comes… Is it too late? I hope not.

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