Apple releases Safari Beta 2; features tabbed browsing and autofill

Apple today released Safari Beta 2, an updated beta version of the Safari browser that delivers highly requested features including tabbed browsing and AutoFill forms. Safari is now the browser of choice for millions of Mac users with more than two million downloads since its free public beta release on January 7, 2003. Safari is the “fastest web browser ever created for the Mac, and re-energizes the browser category in general with innovations like built-in Google search; SnapBack to instantly return to search results; a completely new way to name, organize and present bookmarks; and automatic ‘pop-up’ ad blocking,” according to Apple.

“Safari is already an incredible success, with more than 2 million downloads since its launch,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO in the press release. “Safari has brought innovation back to the browser market and now we are making it even better.”

Building on the features delivered with the first Safari public beta, Safari Beta 2 popularizes the most convenient way to see and switch between multiple web pages in a single window by bringing the latest browser innovation to Safari-tabbed browsing. The new AutoFill feature makes web form completion incredibly easy by using information from the Address Book or previous forms to automatically fill in name, street address, city, zip code, email and other information. The updated beta also provides the option of automatically filling in user names and passwords, which are securely stored in the Mac


  1. I’ve never understood what’s so new and wonderful about the bookmarking in Safari. Changing bookmark names? Not new. Organizing them in folders? Not new. Someone please explain to me?

  2. Excellent update! I am impressed with the way Apple responds to user requests…

    Tabbed browsing, reset feature, bug button and blocking pop-up ads…definitely the browser of choice!

  3. I just can’t let go of IE until Safari allows you to manually ADD, not just remove, User ID’s and passwords under AutoFill. Some sites never ask if a password wants to be saved under Safari and yet when this happens in IE, the option is there to do so manually. Am I the only one???

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