The Register: Microsoft ‘now trails Apple significantly’ just as Bluetooth gets interesting

“Steve Jobs in particular, and Apple in general, are often lauded for pioneering technologies such as Firewire and Rendezvous. But sometimes support for an emergent technology is just as important, and here Apple is surfing the crest of a wave. Microsoft’s support for Bluetooth in Windows has been erratic, and now trails Apple significantly,” writes Andrew Orlowski for The Register.

Orlowski continues, “It’s true that Bluetooth’s growth, after being announced in 1998, has been accompanied by hype and over-expectation. But very interesting uses are starting to emerge for the wireless technology.”

Full article here.


  1. i’m a huge apple fan (though i don’t personally know steve…) but i’m kinda stumped on the whole bluetooth thing. i used the sony ericsson phone for a couple of weeks and it WAS great to synch my contacts to the phone… what else is there at this point? i know sony has a pda that has bluetooth but they’re notorious for their lack of mac compatibility… am i missing the point? what good is a technology without a good application?

  2. dude iSync support to easily chuck my contacts from my palm or either of my macs to my phone is one thing… anywhere i change info updates the details on all the other isync connected devices… but apps like romeo and sony ericsson clicker mean i can control any iapp from my phone as a remote – say im listening to a cd on itunes – if i walk out of range (10m) the song pauses- when i come back it restarts… =plus u can control keynote and other apps from this which is fantastic… now i dont need a seperate remote for my presentations

  3. As an apple user, lets be honest here. Microsoft can take their sweet time when developing anything. They don’t have to be cutting edge
    like apple must be, they just let things evolve and as soon as an opportunity arises they smash or swallow the competition.

    Frankly speaking Market Share and Money talks. Good luck apple

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