ClipboardSharing uses Rendezvous to share Clipboards between Mac OS X computers

ClipboardSharing lets you share your clipboard between Mac OS X computers. You can use it to share almost anything that can be copied to a clipboard, including formatted text and images. Because it uses Rendezvous to find computers on the local network it is very simple and efficient to use. It is designed to be used from the menu bar, so it doesn’t take up desktop space and it?s always available.

With ClipboardSharing you can also restore previous clipboards; a simple approach to get multiple clipboards. You choose how many recent clipboards you want the application remember, and then you can restore them by using a simple menu.

ClipboardSharing is freeware. More info, screenshots, and download link here.

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  1. I’ve been using this on our network at home for about a week now and already my wife and I find it indespensible. The restore previous clipboard feature is great for non-networked users, too. I hope we see a lot more Rendezvous stuff. (Like Scripteur)

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