Download Wizard Cocoa download manager for Mac OS X

Download Wizard is an fast and elegant MacOS X download manager written entirely in Cocoa. It currently has the following features:

– Ability to transfer files via HTTP (both normal and authenticated) & FTP (Hotline support has been removed but will return in the next version)
– Download resuming if server supports it
– Download recovery if network failure/errors occur
– HTTP/FTP proxy server support
– Drag & drop of addresses right from your browser
– Dock menu for adding addresses
– Dock icon indicates number of active transfers
– Clipboard monitoring
– Available as a Mac OS X service
– Automatic opening of downloaded files
– VersionTracker search in toolbar
– Localized for English, French, German, Dutch, Japanese & Swedish

The above features can be used for free indefinitely. Additionally, a Pro version is available for $17 that adds the following features:

– Download acceleration
– Browser integration with Safari, IE, Netscape/Mozilla/Chimera, OmniWeb
– Browser cookie integration
– PPP recovery
– Basic AppleScript support

What’s New in this Version
– added back localizations for Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Swedish
– enhanced the browser plug-in to automatically return to the previous page after address is sent to DW. This makes browser integration even more seamless.
– added additional AppleScript support for getting list of transfers (Konfabulator anyone?).
– updated the dock icon “downloading” image.
– added ability to pause or start multiple transfers by highlighting them (this only worked for removing previously).
– built with additional compile optimizations so the executable is smaller and a bit “snappier.”
– adds an extra decimal place to the speed (eg. 8.5k/s) when transfers drop below 10k/s.
– uses less CPU when window is closed.
– clicking start on a paused transfer will put the transfer into the “pending” state (instead of starting it immediately). Honors the “max active transfers” preference when restarting multiple transfers simultaneously.
– fixed various bugs – see Change Log on the website for details.

More info and download link here.

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