iCalShare debuts ‘calendar previews’ feature

iCalShare has announced a new feature – calendar previews.

iCalShare is the largest directory of shareable calendars on the web. The site, launched in September 2002, contains over 1250 calendars in more than 30 different categories. Calendars are free to download and can be used with such applications as Apple’s iCal and Mozilla Calendar.

With the new calendar previews feature, users can now preview calendar content without the fuss of launching iCal and subscribing to every calendar you find interesting.

To preview a specific calendar, just browse to the calendar that interests you and click on the “Preview calendar” link. Also added are two new ways to browse the calendar library. The “Top Calendars” page lists the most popular calendars on iCalShare, while the “Recent Calendars” page is a quick list of newer arrivals.

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