Fluid2 ‘screen liquifier’ for Mac OS X updated

Fluid2 is a realtime fluid-dynamics model and rendering engine that uses OpenGL to create the effect of flowing liquid on your screen. Each launch of Fluid brings a completely new experience and never-before-seen images based on settings you make to colors, rendering styles, resolution, and many more options via the preferences sheet. The current v2.0 adds 3D surfaces, reflections, shadows, streaklines, contour lines, and particle systems.

Fluid is enhanced to take advantage of Altivec and multiple processors.

This version fixes a bug that could cause a crash when using desktop backgrounds when on a specific subset of machines.

More info and dwoanload link here.


  1. After installing this I tried to select it in the Screen Effects Preference Pane and it crashed the application. BreveWalker is a much better screen saver.

  2. does not work on my machine, screen stays black. maybe the ati rage pro of my dual 450 is to less and not opengl’d. It should have said, before I made the download. Save the bandwith ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />
    but if I do not forget the screensaver I will download when I have a faster machine next year…

  3. This screensaver is frighteningly cool. I threw it on the G4 in our showroom (Apple dealer) to wow the customers, and the sales staff all wanted to know where they could download copies! It requires a mean 3D card- I’m talking the original Radeon here, minimum- and it only worked on one of the two displays attached to said G4. Still, it’s got tons of nifty options to tweak, and it’s not $20+ unlike that popular aquarium screensaver.

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