Apple Keynote vs. Microsoft PowerPoint

“Like Windows users, Mac users who need to make computer-based presentations have had little choice in recent years but to use Microsoft Corp.’s PowerPoint. It’s become the industry standard, with no practical alternative available for either platform.”

“Until January that is, when Apple Computer Inc. surprised just about everyone with Keynote, a PowerPoint challenger designed to exploit Mac OS X’s sophisticated graphics capabilities, such as transparency. (No, Keynote is not available for Mac OS 9.)”

“After watching Apple CEO Steve Jobs demonstrate Keynote’s dramatic 3-D transitions between slides at the Macworld industry show in San Francisco, some observers declared it a ‘PowerPoint killer…'”

“Though a compelling piece of software, particularly for a first version, the weeks since Keynote’s introduction have revealed enough shortcomings to raise doubts about whether it’s quite ready to completely displace the venerable PowerPoint.”

“But first, let’s focus on Keynote’s strengths. Keynote’s graphics look far better than PowerPoint’s. Keynote’s crisp, photorealistic images make PowerPoint’s traditional clip art look pathetic,” writes David Zeiler for The Baltimore Sun. Full article here.

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