Analyze information about web pages with freeware Tyrantula X

Tyrantula is an analysis tool that provides sundry information about a web page.

Text Analysis: Provides statistics and information about the visible text extracted from a web page. This includes the number of characters, words, and sentences along with word frequency/density (concordance), Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, and Flesch Reading Ease scores (these are the same measures used by Microsoft Word).

Content Analysis: Examines the tag structure and other characteristics related to a web page to determine what types of content and formatting attributes it includes. General Information: Displays the page title, description, keywords, and last-modified date (if available).

Link Analysis: Provides information about outgoing links on the page, and checks search engines for incoming links in the form of link referrals from other web pages.

Source Code: Simply fetches the source code for the page.

Host Information: Looks up the IP address(es) for the host server and returns the server response headers related to the request.

Images: Returns all image sources found on the page, and allows them to be viewed and downloaded.

What’s New in this Version:
– Updated for Mac OS x 10.2 Jaguar compatibility.
– New Safari-like brushed interface.
– Drag and drop capability added to the image viewer.

More info and download link here.

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