Track 32 satellites automatically with MacDopplerPRO

MacDopplerPRO will read in the Keplerian elements (in either format), calculate the position and relative velocity of the satellite you are tracking and automatically adjust the Doppler shift on both transmit and receive as well as pointing your antennas. A Track List Dialog allows you to track up to 32 satellites automatically.

What’s New in this Version (ver 1.8.5)
– Horizon Window displays the AO-40 Passband MA window.
– Predictions dialog speeded up.
– Predictions output shows MA, Squint and Passband off/on for AO-40.
– Updated Moon psuedo-keps for 2003.
– Added Wire Frame 3D Model to list of 3D resolutions.
– Speeded up 3D rendering.

More info and download link here.

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