Sony Ericsson Clicker 1.0 released; remote control Macs with Bluetooth phones

Salling Shareware has released Sony Ericsson Clicker v1.0. The software enables you to use your Bluetooth-equipped Sony Ericsson phone to control software on your Mac. Sony Ericsson Clicker is specifically compatible with T39m, R520m, T68 and T68i telephones. Imagine controlling PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, DVD Player and iTunes from your cell phone. The application can also use AppleScript to trigger actions when you come back to and leave your Mac – like playing iTunes only when you are in the room. The beta we reported on recently is set to expire March 1. This is the final release version 1.0. Until March 2, you can register it for US$9.95. It will be $12.95 starting on March 3rd. The final release include syntax checking in AppleScript, scriptable slider controls and message boxes on the phone for things like volume and current iTunes track info, and many fixes. More info and download link here.

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