iDisk Utility for Windows XP released by Apple

Apple has released a new application for users of Windows XP to access the folders on their .Mac accounts. The iDisk Utility for Windows XP allows users to access their iDisk Public Folder and upload or download files. Like the Mac version, some functions of the utility requires a .Mac account, which will also make it useful for Mac users that need to access their iDisk from a Windows-based computer they’re stuck on at work. iDisk Utility for Windows XP is available for download from the .Mac Website here.


  1. Stop whining about OS 9 already!!! Now, if Apple released it for Win 98 you would have a point but it seems to me that Apple is only writing software for CURRENT OPERATING SYSTEMS.

    OS 9 is dead. Get over it.

  2. Yup, iDisk works with WebDav. In XP you can just set it up as a mapped network drive. No need for an Apple utility. And yes, works in OS 9 as well via WebDAV and/or Appleshare over IP.

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