Remote control your Mac from Bluetooth phones

The Sony Ericsson Clicker is a remote control for Macs using Bluetooth phones. This small (148 k) application lets you remotely control your Macintosh from a compatible Sony Ericsson phone. What could you do with it? Control PowerPoint or Keynote when giving presentations. Control DVD Player or iTunes from your sofa or bed. Use AppleScript to control anything you like. Further, Sony Ericsson Clicker has a built in “proximity sensor”, allowing you to trigger actions when you leave or come back to your Mac. You could pause iTunes when you leave the room, turn it on when you come back. Use AppleScript to let your presence (or absence) control anything you can dream up.

Product Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.2.4 or higher
Supported phones: T39m, R520m, T68 or T68i
Compatible Bluetooth adapter

More info and download link here.


  1. There will probably be a Microsoft version of this real soon… just as soon as Windows operates Bluetooth natively, they make scripting as easy and as versatile as AppleScript, make more of their aps scriptable, and produce an equivalent of iSync. It should be here within 5 to 10 years… if they can to it at all without crashing.

  2. Cute little program! I was working late last night at the other side of the office working on one of those PC things and was playing music on my iMac at the same time. It was hard to resist flicking through my music and moving the volume up and down as I saw fit. Great fun and beautifully simple.

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