Canada’s National Post: Apple ‘beleaguered’ and ‘slowly fading into nothingness’

Brace yourself, take a deep breath, and then plung into these snippets of Robert Thompson’s article entitled, “Apple can’t recall Jobs to fix company this time – Mac users not on radar,” for Canada’s National Post:

“Few will miss the irony that I am actually writing this column on one of Apple’ Computer Inc.’s iBook laptops. But it was the upgrade to a new Apple iBook which finally convinced me that the company is finished. Apple, once a dominant force in the personal computer arena, appears to have no influence on the market and the only people still using its computers are masochists who apparently don’t want access to much of the latest software… When I upgraded to the brand-spanking new iBook, I was full of big expectations. I expected computer nirvana, especially given all the hype around newer Apple computers like the iMac. But it didn’t take long for those expectations to be dashed.”

“First of all, my iBook didn’t like the software I needed to run my Palm M515. Crashes and screen seizures were regular occurrences. And the iBook doesn’t play well with a lot of things that are part of the Microsoft world. Now some would say the problem with my Palm software is an issue for Palm Inc., not Apple. In fact the buggy Palm software demonstrates an important issue that is currently facing Apple — third party manufacturers have stopped caring about Mac users. Software developed for the Macintosh platform is often a last-minute consideration, or worse, not even considered at all…”

“In its latest numbers released in January for its fiscal first quarter of 2003, revenue fell from a year earlier and all of the company’s major computer lines saw diminished numbers. PowerMac sales were down 20%, while iBook sales fell 8%.”

“At the same time Apple’s sales were falling, PC sales rose, though just slightly, according to figures from IDC released last month.”

“The last time Apple was in this state, it brought back co-founder Steve Jobs to fix its issues. He fostered the development of the iMac and secured a US$150-million investment from Microsoft. But there aren’t any new iMacs in Apple’s future and Microsoft, bolstered by its victory over the U.S. Department of Justice, is clearly not going to help the beleaguered computer maker this time.”

“So what have you got left? Apple is a company that controls around 3% of the computer market, has recently undergone a restructuring and is slowly fading into nothingness. Software makers don’t even have Mac users on their radar and it’s not like Apple can bring Mr. Jobs back to right the ship this time — he’s already there. Stick a fork in ’em — this Apple is cooked,” writes Robert Thompson for National Post. Full article here.

MacDailyNews take: Obviously desperate for hits, trolling mightily, Mr. Thompson writes as if recently sprung from a mental ward in some bizarre alternate universe where Apple isn’t leading the way, as usual. Leading the way for Wintel box assemblers with virtually no R&D budgets like Dell, HP and truly beleaguered Gateway, while also showing Microsoft how a modern OS should work for people instead of forcing people to constantly work on the OS just to use their junky, cheap, Wal-Martesque computers. Drop Mr. Thompson a line or two, we did, before they collect him in the little white truck and ship him back to the home. His direct email address is:


  1. So what if it does? I am an IT professional and my iBook does everything that I need to do. Appleworks takes care of the occasional letter or spreadsheet and there is plenty of great software available through Fink for any sort of IT need that I have. My Palm syncs great by the way.

    If Apple goes under in the next 2-4 years, which is how long I plan to keep the laptop, all I need to do is buy the lastest and greatest box (Wintel or Linux, who cares) copy over my files and go. Isn’t common standards and open source great?

    For the average home user like my wife who surfs the web and sends emails, Apple is a great abet a tad expensive. For a IT guy/gal, jump in the waters great.

  2. Sounds like he wants his existing WINTEL based software to run on a MAC. He apparently hasn’t taken the time to look at the many alterante (and in most cases, better) software packages that are available for the MAC.

  3. Do you think he’s using OSX with the OSX version of Palm Hotsync, or the older OS9 version in classic? I only say because the CD that came with my M515 did not have the OSX version on it, and the classic one did used to crash frequently on my iMac. Installed Palm Desktop 4 when it came out, and problem went away.

  4. Instead of trying to convince him of the error of his ways, and to avoid further personal anguish, I advised him to make the switch to Windoze, then drop us a line in about five years…We can always use a good laugh!

  5. Yes, as Kurto pointed out, the National Post (aka the National Joke) could easily be descibed as ‘beleaguered’ and ‘slowly fading into nothingness’ itself. This info was releasted late last year:

    “the new Publishers Statements show the National Post’s year-over-year performance, reflecting comparable periods, is negative in every category. The Post’s total average circulation is down 19 per cent Monday-Friday, and down 26 per cent on Saturday. The percentage drops are the same for total paid circulation. The Post’s quality of circulation is also falling with paid 50 per cent or more down 23 per cent Monday-Friday and 21 per cent Saturday.”

    And do you know why this paper is going nowhere fast? Inflammatory journalism. Hmm…

  6. The “beleaguered” party, to be sure, is the National Post. It was launched by Konrad Black, lost money, Black unloaded it on the Aspers from Winnipeg before fleeing to the House of Lords in Britain, and the Aspers stared dictating to all the editors in the chain of papers what to think. Some editors quit. There was never any report in the industry of the National Post making any money. My guess is, it’s so bad, they couldn’t give the paper away and get any takers.

  7. I used to read the National Post when Conrad Black owned it. Believe it or not it was a great paper under Black and managing editor Kenneth White. Also the National Post is or was an all Apple shop (a legacy from the White days….K. White really was a great editor, he made a lot of rags shine…he quite shortly after the Aspers bought it)…at the National Post every desk has a Mac on it….straight through to proofing.
    However since Israel Asper bought the paper…i consider that paper to be tantamount to treasonous and would acquiesce if they were all taken out and hanged as foreign sabotuers . There is absolutely no low that paper will not sink to. A few weeks ago, they even had the gall to ‘state’ that they had inside info that Kofi Annan was in cahoots with Sadam Hussein. Imagine! Slandering the secretary general of the UN on obviously dubious hearsay!!!
    !…how do you go any lower? That and the fact the National Post see’s itself as the vanguard for American interests in Canada. This paper is lower than low…i have never in my life read a paper that so regularly disgusts me with it’s slanders…that it’s almost amusing. The ‘Apple is dead ‘ line was just a matter of time. The National Post toils to look for hedgemonic monopolists for whom it can kiss the glove. This paper is for sale…not it’s copy, but it’s staff and it’s conscience.
    If you write the paper…don’t forget to flame it also for being a complete rag that makes the tabloids interests in smut look respectable compared to their interests in corporate propaganda.

  8. Would u bother to read a paper that features David Frum as a columnist?? As a Canadaian, I don’t bother with the Post…and neither do most other Canadians.

    (*For our american colleagues, Frum – a Canadian – is a former Bush speach writer and apologist…and a national embarrassment.)

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