Now showing: The World’s Most Annoying QuickTime movie

What started like any “normal” movie somehow transformed itself into: “The Most Annoying Film Ever.” Give it 2 minutes and you’ll agree. This very annoying movie is by filmmaker Terry O’Deen. For fans of his work, this is where it all began.


  1. Actually, I think it could be safely argued that Waterworld was the most annoying movie ever produced. This one is actually slightly less annoying than Kevin Costner.

  2. Is there no real Mac news or information that this makes it onto MacDailyNews? If February is this slow of a month, why doesn’t MacDailyNews sponsor a “Most Annoying Video” contest. The winners could receive videography instruction to improve their skills!

  3. Annoying yes, but at least it led me to those Leslie Nuss vids. Damn she’s hot, and I like the “so easily” vid.

    Good Job MDN, this is what Macs are about!
    Go Leslie.


  4. Iron Chef is totally right on this one. The author of this film is about as creative as plate of dog crap shown at community college art show. It’s a complete waste of bandwidth. Shame on you Mac Daily News for trying to pass it off as news.

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