Apple’s Safari beta puts users on temporary ‘iDiet’

“It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and at pizza palaces across the nation, orders will be rushed out for delivery on what is traditionally one of their busiest days of the year. At some chains, including Louisville-based Papa John’s, Internet-savvy computer users often forgo the phone and request their pie with a few clicks on a Web site.

That is unless you’re testing out Apple Computer’s new Safari Web browser on a Macintosh running OS X. More than a baker’s dozen of messages were posted at Apple’s site — — under the topic, ‘Cannot order pizza with Safari.’ Frantic posters who favor Papa John’s have found that while they can click away on the menu, they can’t submit an order.

The posters came to various conclusions: ‘I suppose Safari is trying to tell me I should eat less pizza,’ wrote one. Quipped another: ‘You guys are experiencing the new Apple iDiet, get used to it,’ while a wannabe comic said, ‘Safari works only with some toppings and will definitely crash on anchovies.’

Anchovies aside, Safari is designed to take the place of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator, but the browser just can’t digest the Papa John’s Web site and others that are ‘secure.’ The problem isn’t in the site. It’s a bug in the Safari software, which is still under development. Apple turned the software loose on the public this month, and it’s likely that the bug will be fixed soon.

Of course, the solution in the meantime is for Mac users to switch to another browser, or to resort to that old-fashioned telephone for a short time,” reports Louisville, Kentucky’s The Courier-Journal. Full article here.

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