The Age ponders video Bluetooth iPod; tablet Mac possibilities

“A video iPod, with a colour screen derived from the Ericsson T68i mobile phone, could be among future products. Fitted with Bluetooth, it could become a sort of storage hub for images, music and other data transmitted over the mobile-phone network. Apple could be contemplating a tablet-style computer. Perhaps significantly, Apple owns Inkwell,a sophisticated handwriting- recognition software that traces its origins back to the now mothballed Newton handheld computer. One might also forecast the appearance of much faster Power Macs, the big machines that are the favourites of the graphics and multimedia industry. Or Apple might move back into the handheld market to challenge Palm, Handspring, Blackberry and iPaq,” writes Garry Barker for The Age. Full article here.


  1. huh?
    Wow, this article is wrong on almost every count. A color screen from the T68i? It’s only 256 colors! What, so I can see my album titles in green or red? Jobs would never go for that. 256 colors for video? Nope. Bluetooth for media transport? Nope, waaay too slow, especially when they have 802.11g options. Handheld? Tablet? Never, ever, ever. Again, Jobs would never be so stupid.
    The only thing here that’s right is the sharing data over mobile networks. P2P will start to spread to cellular soon, which will be very cool. But there are already some folks on it:

  2. A video iPod should have 320 by 240 resolution and thousands of colours, just like on most of the colour PDAs. Of course PDA makers do not use FireWire and a hard-disks like Apple does with the iPod.

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