Middle school students use Apple Macs to attend virtual school online

“Maria Harris pulled her three children out of an Akron middle school because she was dissatisfied. But she ultimately decided to stay with Akron. Rather than turning to one of the charter schools run by private companies, she instead chose an online one started by the Akron school district. Her children are among 115 students enrolled in the the Akron Digital Academy — a virtual school that has been up and running since September. The students work from home on brand-new Macintosh computers provided by the school. They correspond with teachers and send in assignments through the Internet. ‘I was amazed at who wanted to enroll and why,’ said Joann Robb, Akron’s director of grants and legislation, who serves on the charter school’s board. ‘There’s a lot of people who, for a variety of reasons, feel the public school system isn’t working for them. They’re looking for something different for their kids,'” reports Stephanie Warsmith for Akron, Ohio’s Beacon Journal. Full story here.

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