USA TODAY calls iMac ‘strikingly seductive’ and ‘stunning’

“Apple has been banging its own innovative high-tech drum for years. But the company outdid itself with the strikingly seductive digital hub that is the all-in-one iMac. Just look at the design: A svelte LCD is encased in a protective crystal-clear halo supported by a jointed and sturdy stainless-steel neck mounted on a dome base. The flat monitor swivels and tilts; it can be raised and lowered, and the effect is as if it’s floating on air. Meanwhile, inside the guts of the machine is the playful (and powerful) OS X operating software and the best collection of multimedia software on any home computer. Of course, since I reviewed iMac last February, Apple unleashed a stunning new top-of-the-line $1,999 model with a 17-inch widescreen flat panel. Apple also bolstered OS X with an enhanced version 10.2, better known by the code name Jaguar,” writes Edward C. Baig for USA TODAY. Read the full article here.

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