Time Magazine compares iPod to Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen

“About the size of a cassette Walkman, the 20-GB Zen looks like an iPod wannabe. Yet in some respects, the Zen beats the iPod. You can change a song’s speed and add reverb or a custom equalizer. Even better, you can level the volume for all your tracks, so the random extra-loud MP3 won’t blow your eardrums,” writes Wilson Rothman for Time. “Last year we were smitten with iPod but criticized its Mac-only interface. Now, Apple does Windows and holds the undisputed title for best portable player. Nobody else has devised anything as small, attractive or easy to use. The 5-GB iPod is $200 cheaper, but you might regret buying a player that can’t hold the bulk of your tunes,” Rothman writes. Read it here.

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