Intel’s next Itanium to run at 1.5GHz; Motorola still clueless

“Intel’s next Itanium processor likely will run at 1.5GHz, a 50 percent increase from its predecessor and an indication the company is getting better at meeting development goals for its high-end chip family. The new chip, code-named Madison, is similar to its Itanium 2 “McKinley” predecessor but is built with smaller circuitry that permits faster processing and more built-in high-speed “cache” memory. Intel disclosed the 1.5GHz speed in an agenda for a February processor show, the International Solid-State Circuits Conference. Intel confirmed Tuesday that the chip measurements disclosed in the conference agenda are what’s expected for the final version of Madison, expected in the summer of 2003,” reports c”net. Meanwhile over at Motorola… Oh, forget it. Read about Intel’s next Itanium here.

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