Ink or Inkwell?  – Apple please pick one already!

First, a lesson: it may seem like your writing on the desktop goes nowhere, but it is actually being used for navigation, like a keyboard shortcut. Lets say you have three files on your desktop named “Elmer”, “Fudge Recipes”, and “Cartman Sayings”. If you write “el” on the desktop, then “Elmer” would be selected. This works alphabetically. If you had many files on your desktop, writing a few letters or numbers would select the best alphabetic match. This same technique may be used in Finder windows, and it may be done on your keyboard. When using Ink for navigation, you should note that you cannot write in the Finder toolbar Search field.

Now, Apple, is it “Ink” or “Inkwell?” Please make up your corporate mind! It’s really tough to market something (not like you’re really trying with Ink/Inkwell), if even you guys/gals can’t agree on what to call it.

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