Schizo article on Jaguar’s ‘Mail’ in Seattle Times

Charles Bermant writes an article that is undefinable for the Seattle Times entitled, “Apple ahead of pack in eliminating spam.” Mistakenly reporting that Mac OS X’s Mail app’s Junk Mail Filter is “part of the operating system,” and alternating statements like, “the strength of OS X’s spam-filtering ability is proprietary technology, something called ‘adaptive latent semantic analysis'” with, “a user of Eudora for the Mac will have to downgrade their mail client as they upgrade the operating system,” renders this article one of the most incomprehensible pieces in recent memory. We think the article is complimentary, ultimately, but comparing Outlook to BMW and Mail to Yugo and then praising Mail’s abilities, leaves us somewhat perplexed as to the what the writer is trying to say about Mail. If you can understand this, please let us know what the author’s trying to say.

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