New Apple ad debuts featuring ‘Switcher’ Bill Swan

Apple newest ‘Switcher’ is Bill Swan who says, “we had two PCs at home until last year, and both of them had all kinds of problems. Oh, sure, you buy them and they work off the shelf, and they do everything they are supposed to do. And then six months later you start having little problems here and there, problems with the computer talking to the printer. Problems with logging on to the Internet and staying logged on. Problems with being able to burn CDs. Problems with software that won’t run.” The Bill got smart and got a Mac. Now he says, “the Mac has been a dream. I bought an iMac. And from the day I set it up, no complaints. The CDs burn. You can surf on the Net. It’s networked. Now we’ve got Macs all around. My wife has an iBook with an AirPort card, and so now she sits out in the backyard and does her papers. It’s a dream. It’s really a faithful servant, it really is… At some point during every day, somebody is using the Mac in the house, my wife, my son, my daughter, me. We started with the one iMac, we now have three. If you just want to use a computer, there is no easier computer in the world to use than the Mac, and I haven’t seen anything more reliable anywhere.” And that, folks, is more than enough to get Bill his very own TV ad. See it here.

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