European Union probe of Microsoft continues

“The European Union Commission Monday said its antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. is “quite different” from the U.S. investigation, and declined to say if it would be affected by the settlement of the U.S. case. The EU investigation into Microsoft is continuing and Commission spokeswoman Amelia Torres said it was “too early” to predict when a verdict would be issued. Other EU officials have said the Commission will make a preliminary ruling by the end of the year,” according to the Associated Press. “EU investigators accuse Microsoft of abusing its dominance of the market for PC operating systems to muscle its way into related markets for media and server software. The EU Commission thinks Microsoft’s monopoly power in one market will help it take over others. In contrast, the U.S. case focused on Internet browsers and the company’s relationships with hardware makers,” reports AP. Under EU law, the commission could fine Microsoft up to 10 percent of its worldwide sales if it finds it guilty of antitrust violations. More here.

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