Speed up your Mac OS X mouse to ‘crazy fast’

Okay, enough complaints about Apple’s so-called maximum mouse speed in the Mouse pane of Mac OS X’s System Preferences. We use a third-party Preference Pane that controls our Mac OS X mice on a scale of 1 to 10 and, here’s the kicker, Apple’s fastest setting falls at 1.7 on this scale! So, you can make your mouse over five and a half times faster with this solution. It’s called “MouseZoom X.” It’s a Mac OS X Cocoa preference pane which uses the same method as Apple’s “Mouse” pane to control mouse speed. It’ll show up under the category of “Other” in System Preferences when installed. It works, it’s small (just 144 KB), and it’s FREE! So, now you can quit complaining about “slow mouse” and see just how fast a mouse you can handle. Information and download link here.

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