Microsoft apologizes for vandalizing NYC

On Thursday, Microsoft plastered hundreds of butterfly decals, measuring 12 to 20 inches in width, on sidewalks, doorways, traffic signals and stop lights primarily in midtown. Microsoft has since apologized to New York City for blanketing public property with hundreds of butterfly decals intended to promote the company’s new MSN 8 Internet service. “We apologize to the City of New York and the people of New York City,” Yusuf Mehdi, the corporate vice president for MSN Personal services and business, said in a statement released Friday. “We made a mistake with the decals, and we take full responsibility for what happened,” Mehdi said.

MacDailyNews opinion: Microsoft sure seems to make a lot of “mistakes” with many things and usually pays lip service to taking “full responsibility” after the fact, don’t you think? It’d be nice if they were made to take “full responsibility” for illegally abusing their monopoly and also “clean up” IE for the Mac. Apple, if you’re listening, please give us a browser based upon Chimera, okay? We’re ready.

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