SuperCard 4.0 available for Mac OS X

Solutions Etcetera has announced that SuperCard 4.0 has become available as of Wednesday. This new version breaks the 32 kilobyte limits for text fields and scripts. Version 4.0 also provides support for “virtually every available interface item for both Mac OS X and Classic OS environments.” SuperCard 4.0 allows you to create a single project/standalone application that is completely compatible running in both environments with either the Aqua or Platinum themes.

SuperCard 4.0 allows for the scripting of the various interface items of both Aqua and Platinum. Custom properties make the creation and management of radio button groups, tab controls, and popup menus a simple point and click process. There is also a new feature for the automatic resizing of objects when a window is resized.

There are over 100 new commands, functions, and properties, and a new editing environment, according to Solutions Etcetera. More info here.

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