Mac users of all stripes weigh in on Jimmy Carter flap

Yesterday, we reported that we were getting a number of emails from self-identified “conservative” Mac users regarding Apple’s decision to place Jimmy Carter on the front of the website. Wow! Somehow, miraculously, our email system held up through a blizzard of email that has yet to let up. And somehow, we read them all, 427 on this subject so far.

In the interest of accurately reporting our reader’s opinions as expressed in these email messages, we’ve simplified the emails into categories labeled, “For,” “Against,” and “No opinion,” regarding featuring Carter on the Apple site. We’ve also distilled the emails into groups, since most of the emailers identified themselves by political party or views. These groups are “Liberal,” “Democrat, “Independent, “Unknown,” “Republican,” and “Conservative.” (Notes: those identifying themselves as “Dittoheads” were placed into the “Conservative” category and those writing, “who cares?” were placed in the “No opinion” category).

Here are the results as of this story’s timestamp:

Jimmy Carter on Apple’s Website email results – 427 messages total
  For Against No opinion
Conservative – 127 17% 78% 5%
Republican – 162 20% 77% 3%
Unknown – 13 95% 5%
Independent – 28 80% 10% 10%
Democrat – 73 90% 10%
Liberal – 24 100%

Reader Feedback

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