Conservative Mac users miffed at Apple’s Jimmy Carter page

We’re getting our fair share of emails (40 and counting as of this posting) complaining that Jimmy Carter doesn’t belong on Apple’s home page, regardless of the well-documented political views of Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs.

Many point out that there is a clear feeling that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize was not awarded to Carter for his accomplishments per se, but rather as a “slap in the face” to President George W. Bush for his administration’s policy regarding Iraq.

Clearly, as evidenced by our Mail’s In box, there are a healthy amount of conservative Mac users out there who do not feel that Apple’s home page represents their views even though they love their Macs. We wonder if Apple knows, in the words of one email, that, “they are alienating many of their customers by posting Steve’s propaganda? Can you imagine the outcry if Ronald Reagan was featured on Apple’s home page, instead?”


  1. Carter? Oh yeah. That guy was “leading” when we had interest rates at 21% for car loans and mortgages, 70% to 90% in taxes being taken from our paychecks, hostages in Iran, a 10.1% inflation issue, and the gas crisis. Yeah. He belongs on Apple’s page. Put him right up there with the Apple III or Apple LISA projects which failed as miserably as did Carter in politics.

  2. Obviously the writer who stated:

    “,,,Mr. Jimmy is just reminder that total incompetentcy can reside in the White House”

    has no idea of where to put an article, as in “just (a) reminder”, nor the correct spelling of incompetency. Perhaps he is one of the great mass of ignorant inbreds who continue to defend this sad war and the sadder ass who put us there.

  3. I remember “Gimma Jimma” Carter very well, and he was, and still is a loser. Ronald Reagan thankfully, defeated him in 1980, and Reagan’s policies led to the demise of the Evil Empire in 1991. All we need now is Apple to place a picture of Algore on their page, another loser, and a sore one at that!

  4. William Fart,

    You are the sad moron dude! What the hell is your solution? You just sit back and whine and complain with no solution. We are doing everything right! Getting rid of crazies in this world is what the US has to do. They threaten our existence whether you like it or not. Saddam gone is great for the world. Maybe not so great for France, Germany, and Russia, who were profiting from the oil for food scandal and much more. But great for most everyone else. Terrorists are coming for the US whether we attack them back or not. The smart person wants to take out as many of them over there as we can and get their own muslim brothers to help us do it. You will see in 10-20 years the wisdom of this approach. George Bush will in win!!!!!!

  5. Your rant makes you sound absolutely delusional. Get a grip. This draconian attitude of “get them before they get us” should be left in the Dark Ages. Its views like these that gave us the Witch Hunts, Spanish Inquisitions, The Crusades, Slavery, and mass genocide. What’s the difference of your views with that of Hitler? He thought he was in the right and doing what was best for the world. How are we going to evolve and progress as a species if we hang on to ignorant and egocentric notions like that?

    And before you go pointing fingers to Germany, France and Russia, take a good look at your own country’s foreign policies and really look to see who is making athe most money out of this illegal war. Bush and his cronies!! Which government flew out the Bin Laden family when there the FAA banned all flights after the Twin Towers were hit? We so easliy forget the truth and just regurgitate the lies and ignorance the media hands to us.

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