Advanced users will want Cocoa Gestures

A Mouse Gesture is a combination of up, down, left, and right mouse motions used to perform some command. There are several pre-defined gestures and you can also define your own. You can also choose which button & modifier key combo consitutes a gesture. For example: a gesture left – down – right – up – left can be achieved by ‘drawing’ an uppercase G. This allows for gestures that are easily memorized. Gestures are actually much more intuitive than it may sound.

Bitart’s Cocoa Gestures adds mouse gestures to any Cocoa program such as Mail, Address Book, iCal, TextEdit, Chimera, Omniweb and many others.

To install, simply drop it into the InputManagers folder in your Library folder (make a new folder if it doesn’t exist). After installing, when you start a Cocoa application there will be a Cocoa Gestures menu item in the Application Menu above the Services item. Cocoa Gestures is available free here.

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