Tired of Aqua? How to ‘theme’ Mac OS X Jaguar

Tired of Aqua? Duality is an application that lets you change the look and feel of Mac OS X. Using Duality is easy. Simply start up Duality. You can add themes by dragging them from the Finder to the list of themes in Duality. You can add icon sets by dragging them to the list of icon sets from the Finder. When you are ready to change the theme, choose a theme and a icon set from the lists, and hit “Apply”. The theme will be applied, and you will be prompted to relaunch the Finder. After the Finder is relaunched, you will have to restart all your other applications to get them to use the new theme.

You can find new themes several ways. One way is by using Livetheme, an online service that has themes ready for download. Livetheme will download and add a theme for you. You can access it by going to Duality’s “Internet” menu and choosing “LiveTheme.”

NOTE: for those wanting to use one of the “Brushed” theme variations, get the latest (2.0) directly from Max Themes here:

You can find more themes online at:

More information about Duality and a link to the download page here.

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