No more free mock turtlenecks for Jobs

Gap Inc. today announced that Apple CEO Steve Jobs resigned from the Gap’s Board of Directors. Jobs, who is also the Chairman and CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, left the board to “focus on other priorities,” according to a statement released by Gap on Thursday. Last month a report in BusinessWeek said Jobs was unique in being on two of the worst ranked boards; Apple’s and the Gap’s. We guess he wanted to keep the free Macs and buy his own clothes while cutting his “worst board membership ranking” in half. Also, it should be noted that Apple is one of only two major computer manufacturers making money in today’s climate, the other is Wal-Maaa.., er Dell. “Worst” board or not, they seem to be doing something right, BusinessWeek. Enjoy your newly found five minutes per year you used to spend on the Gap’s board, Stevo!

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