.Mac subscribers pass 100,000 mark

Apple today announced that more than 100,000 Mac users have subscribed to the company’s .Mac suite of Internet services and software since it was launched in July.

“We’re thrilled to have more than 100,000 .Mac subscribers so quickly,” said Sina Tamaddon, Apple’s senior vice president of Applications. “We’re getting over 1,000 new .Mac subscribers every day, which is proof that many of our users want to seamlessly extend their digital lives onto the Internet.”

In July, Apple announced it would phase out the free iTools service and replace it with .Mac, which would cost subscribers as much as $99 a year. Existing subscribers have until Sept. 30 to take advantage of a $49 .Mac promotion. However, they fail to mention that iTools was available for over two and a half years compared with .Mac’s two month current two month life span.

c”net has the story, writing, “the number pales in comparison with the estimated 2.5 million people who subscribed to the earlier, free service, known as iTools.” However, they fail to mention that iTools was around for years, while .Mac has only been around for a couple of months.

For the record, MacDailyNews believes in .Mac, subscribes to .Mac, and expects .Mac to continue to grow in usefulness. We also expect .Mac to become further entwined in the Mac OS X operating system to a point where, if you don’t have .Mac, you won’t have a fully capable Mac.

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