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Feb 11, 2016 - 05:15 PM UTC — AAPL: 93.70 (-0.57, -0.6%) | NASDAQ: 4266.84 (-16.76, -0.39%)

Tag: Leo Apotheker

  1. Beleaguered HP takes $8.8 billion writedown on Autonomy; forecasts profit miss on slumping Windows PC sales

    Hewlett-Packard Co. took an $8.8 billion charge citing…

  2. Ellison praises Steve Jobs, brands former HP CEO Apotheker a ‘criminal’

    Ellison heaped praise upon former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, comparing him to Picasso…

  3. Former HP exec: HP’s webOS debacle more terrible than Apple’s ‘worst days’

    How did HP get into such a mess with webOS?

  4. HP gives Meg Whitman a Jobsian $1 annual salary, Apotheker pops $13 million golden parachute

    Tying Whitman’s pay to performance, the company is emulating former chief Steve Jobs’ model…

  5. HP names Meg Whitman President and Chief Executive Officer

    HP today announced that its board of directors has appointed Meg Whitman as president and chief executive officer…

  6. Whitman to be named HP CEO after market close, say multiple sources

    Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman is poised to be named the new CEO of Hewlett-Packard later today…

  7. With Yahoo’s Bartz out, these 4 tech CEOs should have their golden parachutes strapped on tightly

    With Carol Bartz out at Yahoo!, the list of CEOs on the brink shrinks to four…