“The Disengagement Reports for the period December 2017 to November 2018 for all entities operating under a license testing autonomous vehicles on public roads in California is/was out. As the DMV has taken off the reports after a short period (to be republished later this week), the following is what we got so far,” Mario Herger reports for The Last Driver License Holder. “These 28 companies operated over 321 vehicles (a couple of numbers, including Waymo and Zoox, are missing) for autonomous test drives in California. Many of the companies operate many more test cars in other states and countries.”

“In total all companies drove during that period 2,009,474 miles (3,215,159 kilometers) in autonomous mode and encountered 73,550 disengagements (the moment the system hands back control to a safety driver or the safety driver interferes),” Herger reports.

In “Miles per Disengagement,” Apple was dead last in the list with 1.1 miles. Of the total disengagements listed (73,550), Apple had, by far, the most, accounting for 69,510 of disengagements.

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MacDailyNews Take: This is raw data, of course. It tells us nothing of the testing tolerances Apple has in place versus the others, for example.

[UPDATE: 3:44pm EDT: Added “miles between” to headline for clarity.]