“AirPods continue to prove a hit despite being unchanged after two years. Look no further than the recent ‘AirPods for Christmas’ meme that spanned social media,” Zac Hall writes for 9to5Mac. “But while Apple’s wireless earbuds continue on their path as a cultural phenomenon, AirPods are showing signs of aging for early adopters.”

“It’s hard to believe AirPods have already turned 2 for a lot of customers,” Hall writes. “After a two month delay, AirPods launched on Apple.com on December 13th, 2016, and started reaching customers a few days later.”

“My own AirPods have been in use almost every day since December 21st, 2016 — almost always on my person when I leave home alongside my iPhone, wallet, and keys — and their age is starting to show,” Hall writes. “Batteries are consumable, we all know so well now, and that’s proven true for the tiny batteries inside AirPods after two years of daily use. Battery life that once exceeded five hours now struggles to power AirPods through three hours of continuous usage at the same volume. Battery life results can be cut in half if you need to play audio at a louder volume.”

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