“There are plenty of ‘low code’ tools aimed at people who aren’t professional developers but who need to create apps that are essentially databases with mobile interfaces for collecting and viewing data, filling out forms and connecting to plug-and-play services to add more features,” Mary Branscombe writes for ZDNet. “FileMaker has become a particularly accessible way of doing this (primarily for iOS, but with a slightly lagging set of options for Android and web), and the latest release, FileMaker 17, is aimed very much at this audience.”

MacDailyNews Take: When isn’t Android lagging? From dog-slow off-the-shelf processors to an insecure off-the-rack OS to second- and third-rate ports of iPhone apps, Android is the very definition of lagginess.

“The previous FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Advanced are now combined in a single version, FileMaker Pro Advanced,” Branscombe writes. “FileMaker Server is the on-premises version for multi-user databases and FileMaker Cloud is an AWS-hosted SaaS version for hosting custom apps in the cloud (now getting new features as they’re added to the platform rather than lagging behind), with FileMaker Pro Advanced the vehicle for building the shared databases. Together with FileMaker Go for iOS and FileMaker WebDirect for running web apps, these components make up the FileMaker Platform.”

“FileMaker has always come with starter apps, but as the platform became more powerful, these apps got a little too complicated to provide a good learning experience,” Branscombe writes. “In this release they’re back to being both useful and easy to understand…”

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MacDailyNews Take: FileMaker 17 sounds like a winning release from Apple subsidiary FileMaker, Inc.